Monday, August 11, 2008

The Barack Obama Drama

What next for the most popular person on the planet. More tabloid gossip, or world issues confronting home and abroad. The China Capitalist Games is spending more money than any humanitarian relief effort around the globe. The war, energy crisis, human rights, all have respective challenges not so simple a task of how to handles theses issues. The leadership of the president of the United States of America is in the hands of history a few good men who decide the future of the world. The political party process is flawed with money and influence that makes the constitutional provisions of the electoral process the most important issues confronting the fall general election of 2008. The popular vote verses the electoral college vote has met many histories of corruption from it's very inception. If we look closely at the constitution article 2 and the 12th amendment a process of an equal number of electors senators and representatives, the popular vote is to represent pledge vote of 3/4 of the state 1/4 of the state can vote independently. The "CHUSING" provision of constitutional authority of the senate and the congress can also over ride the electors vote and appoint or designate the vote of the guarantied electoral assignment number of 538 total with 270 to be declared president. This provision also allows the Supreme Court to settle disputes under emergency provision of the court authority. Will it be party tyranny, corruption and the spur, the conspiracy of the Kabol to

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