Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brian Nicoles Atlanta Court House Killer *

Guilty as charged, Death Sentenced for the fight oppression or die ancestral cry!
From the history of slavery "TO KILL THY WHITE OPPRESSOR", is the Nat Turner Revolt. From the history of the Americas Hemisphere and the colonial slave trade, the most triumphant Haiti Slave Revolt, Jamaica, Saraann, Brazil, the Southern Confederacy of the United States all brought freedom and emancipation to an oppressed people! This is the documented history of the world. The history of the Black African Negro Slave Revolts. Brian Nicole's join the gallant soldier of history who gave their lives fighting oppression to die! A true hero in the class struggle for justice and equality! But it was the hand of GOD who punishes the great wicked powers and principalities who rule the earth under their Satanic evil! It is their corruption and the spurn, their unconstitutional convictions, crocked judges, crocked cops, crocked politicians and preachers! A racist system of in justice and oppression, no justice, jail then death! "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE"! SO THE SANITY OF THE ACTION TO KILL DISCRIMINATELY, SURRENDER, AND CONFESS, IS THE MENTAL PSYCHOSES OF DELUSIONAL STRESS OR IS IT REALLY THE WILLFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL COGNITIVE CHOICE TO "FIGHT OPPRESSION OR DIE"!
BLACK HERO BRIAN NICOLES aka hip hop "B Nich"; translation Bitch ah' NIGGA, CRACKER, HOE!*

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